What We Must Do

What We Must Do.
Let us now; finally; come what may; summon our integrity to accomplish four Irish Holocaust goals; as follows:
1) Educate: Photocopy this and distribute it among your relatives, friends and acquaintances. Discuss it with them. Challenge Robinson-type "famine" lecturers who don't identify the perpetrating regiments. Click here to download a text version of this brochure, a HTML printable version from the web site.
2) Help get the Irish Genocide Taught in Public Schools as Slavery and Nazi Holocaust are now. Get your State Rep and Senator to support an Irish Genocide Education Bill.
3) Canonization of the Starvation Martyrs: Contact Hibernians (fax 407/254-2255) or us for canonization petition forms.
4) Help to install a fence and monuments memorializing the Starvation Martyrs of the mass grave nearest your ancestral homeplaces (see attached map). You can help by phoning (312/664-7651) in your $160 toward the specific Mass Grave you choose. For each donation sent to Ireland, a brass plate will be installed on a donors' wall at the Mass Grave. The plate will be engraved with your name or that of someone you wish to memorialize. All overhead costs of each volunteer will be at his/her personal expense (just as we who researched, printed, and distributed this flyer paid all the related expenses personally). Each Mass Grave district committee will be comprised of similarly self-funded volunteers. Accounting controls will ensure that donations go exclusively to fund carefully-awarded design, construction and landscaping contracts.
Volunteers From Each Mass Grave District will organize an architectural competition to design its memorial. They will research its old work-house records, etc., to collect data on the Martyrs. The overall design of each mass grave memorialization will be decided by the district committee and its architect. Ideally it will include a fence, walks, benches and a soaring monument with a prie-dieu facing it. It will include, as gaeilge, each Martyr's name, age, townland, date of death, etc., to the extent possible. It will name the regiment(s), its British home-base town, and the quantity of livestock and tonnage of each kind of foodstuff it removed from that mass grave's district. Where appropriate it will memorialize the righteous Quakers, Choctaws, DeKay, the Martins, et al.
Ireland's Personifications of Truth. Dates of each mass-grave consecration/inauguration will be publicized well in advance to allow overseas visitors to attend. The consecrations shall be performed by Ireland's living Saints; by such personifications of Truth as Frs. Desmond Wilson, Píaras O Dúill, Pat Ryan, Joseph McVeigh, Maurice Burke, Ray Murray, Sister Sarah Clarke, the Rev. Dr. Brian Murphy, the Presbyterian Rev. Dr. Terence McCaughey and Anglican Bishop Austin Baker. Local organizers will consider inviting mayors of the corresponding regimental headquarters towns to their memorial consecration/inauguration in a spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation. For example; South Galway organizers could invite the mayor of Taunton, Somerset, the home base of the regiment (see map) that starved it; the then 40th "Duke of Somerset's Own" Regiment of Foot. If, by the inauguration dates, the British government has ended its Irish genocide's final vestige in the Six Counties, has released all Irish political prisoners and repents publicly of its centuries of genocide and torture in Ireland it would make national forgiveness possible, and English Cabinet ministers could be invited.
Then, at each mass-grave consecration/inauguration and on behalf of its Martyred Dead and of all of us the Fr. Wilsons of Ireland will Forgive the English people; Unreservedly. At the sides of those mass graves we will, all of us, in the name of those Irish Martyrs, vow to do all in our power to stop any government from ever again inflicting artificial famine. Likewise at those grave-sides we will vow to thenceforth respond to true famines and unstoppable artificial ones by uniting to promptly buy foodstuff and ship it to where needed. Those martyred souls whose unheeded cries for justice have haunted the virtuous Irish psyche for the past 150 years will be finally vindicated and canonized. Their sacrifices will redeem the Irish people who will break London's control of Ireland's government, academia, news media and Catholic hierarchy. Then, Forthrightness, that admirable quality that characterizes all free peoples will, after centuries, blossom fully again in Ireland. For the next millennium we Irish families of the Diaspora will return to kneel at the mass graves of Ireland's Starvation Martyrs. We will there renew our commitments to feed the hungry. Through prayerful contemplation of the Martyrs' sacrifice the Irish will finally become whole.
Let us create truth-telling, reverent memorials at each of the 170 mass graves of Ireland's Holocaust. The list of $160 pledges grows. Artists and curators from each Irish-American population center are needed to help select monument designs. E-mail fogartyc@att.net
or write to: Irish Holocaust Graves - USA; 900 No. Lake Shore Dr., #1507; Chicago, IL 60611 Tel. 312/664-7651; Fax 312/664-3401 2/1/95. Reaugmented 7May97.
© 1995 Fogarty
At least 950,000 copies of this are now in circulation. This website, in pamphlet form, has been adopted as history course material in scores of universities, colleges and high schools. Right to photocopy this work is hereby granted but only in its entirety, with no change(s), and only for gratis distribution for educational purposes. The attached letter from the James Larkin Association is not included in my copyright.

The following postscript added in 1997:
Truth Arises. The Brit/Irish government is intensifying its cover-up efforts. The British Consulate's p.r. specialist Gaynor demanded that we cease distribution outside Chicago's Old St. Patrick church, saying; "How dare you? Your pamphlets are contradicting my Irish Potato Famine display inside!" Her Irish Holocaust Cover-up tour of the US was fronted in Chicago by the Irish Consul, the AOH, Catholic priests, et al. To co-opt our bill to mandate Irish Holocaust awareness in Illinois schools Irish Consul General Sheridan is promoting a parallel "Potato Famine" one. Irish Teachta Dala (M.P.) Avril Doyle recently promoted that "famine" lie across the U.S., including at Notre Dame U. The Brit/Irish government got massive space for her on National Public Radio, Irish-American radio, and mainstream and Irish-American newspapers. All news outlets who disseminated her untruths ban this pamphlet's truths. Shades of 1847 of which Mitchel wrote in p. 229 of his History of Ireland; "But there was a secret and underground machinery. The editor of the World (newspaper) was now on full pay; and on terms of close intimacy at the Castle and Viceregal Lodge." However; other truth-tellers exist. See attached copy of letter in Saoirse that reveals what awaited the Holocaust Irish in Liverpool.
The Workhouses operated as diabolical factories. The sign out front might as well have read "Queen Victoria's Title Guarantee Co." They produced clear titles to Irish land for English landlords, as follows; the starving Irish (raw material) entered the workhouse as claimants to the lands of their ancestors and to land they improved. As a condition of entry they had to sign away their claim to all of it but a quarter-acre. Once this was done the starvelings became the "factory's" waste product; and were moved nearer to the Dying Room as they weakened. In the Castlerea workhouse, and presumably in many or most others, the Dying Rooms were located at the back end of the workhouse on the upper floor adjacent to a wall opening where, when the deed was done, the corpse was pushed through the opening and slid down a chute into a mass grave outside the building. Thus, landlords' titles were guaranteed and the waste product was disposed of efficiently. Most of the mass graves located on the map are those dumps; unchanged from 150 years ago except for the overgrowth of grass and weeds. Not one of the 170 of them has a marker that identifies the regiment that removed its district's foodstuffs. FIN

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